M.P. Moukheiber: Lock up MPs until poll law agreed

The Daily Star April 09
BEIRUT: MP Ghassan Mukheiber, a member of MP Michel Aoun’s parliamentary Change and Reform bloc, called Monday for lawmakers to “imprison” themselves in Parliament until they come to an agreement on a new electoral law to govern the June parliamentary elections.
In an interview with the Central News Agency, Mukheiber underlined the need for exploring a new electoral law to replace the 1960 voting system, which has been widely rejected by officials on both sides of the political divide.
He said the ongoing consultations between the Future Movement and the Lebanese Forces on a hybrid law have yet to produce results.
As the March 8 and March 14 parties have failed to endorse a new electoral law, Mukheiber called for Parliament to hold permanent sessions in order to reach an agreement on a new voting system.
“Members of Parliament should imprison themselves inside Parliament until white smoke rises,” he said